The Directors of the Saint John Major U18 AAA Vito’s would like to thank you for your support of the Vito’s players and all of their competitors, especially in the midst of this incredible and upsetting pandemic! Our program would not be able to operate without the enthusiastic support it receives from the southern New Brunswick community and we appreciate your help.


A catastrophe like the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that there is so much more to life than sport.  In that regard, the Vito’s program is not just about hockey. In fact, hockey is just the medium for demonstrating our values, which are captured in the team’s C.P.R. motto – “Compete. Passion. Respect.” 


We love the fact that our players and coaches have hockey as an avenue to bring these values to life, which they do on a daily basis. The game of hockey provides countless opportunities to work hard and to cooperate as a team to perform better in every practice and every game. It gives all of us a chance to share our passion for sports, for hockey, for our Atlantic region and for our individual communities. It also puts us in situations where we have the choice to treat each other with dignity and respect.  While our behaviour sometimes falls short, what’s important is that we continually try to reflect our values.  That struggle is what makes all the work of the program worthwhile.


As Directors, we know that our program could not teach these important life lessons without the commitment of our players and their families, our Team Staff, our sponsors and supporters and our tremendous NB - PEI Major Midget League partners in Bathurst, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Kensington and Moncton. Every week we witness firsthand the competitive spirit, the passion and the respect that drives our team members and their opponents to constantlywork harder. We want to say a big THANKS to each one of you. 


Together, you are proving that hockey can make us better – even when the regular season schedule is disrupted!



Kelly VanBuskirk

President, Saint John Major Midget Vito's


Kelly VanBuskirk - President

George Georgoudis - Director

Al Devine - Director

Jason Downey - Director

Jean-Marc Poirier - Director

Linda Anderson  - Director

Greg Flynn  - Director

Steve Milbury  - Director

Major Midget Vito's

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Rothesay, NB

E2E 5X2

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